Upcoming CodeNow Workshop in Lehi!

CodeNow is excited to partner with Adobe for our Lehi workshop in Utah. Combining in-person training with outside learning, Adobe engineers will serve as volunteer trainers to guide small groups of students through Codenow’s game-based curriculum. We ask you to help spread the word and encourage interested high school students who want to learn to code with CodeNow to apply today!

CodeNow’s workshops serve as an entry point for students to become exposed to computer science. During the workshop, students will learn to create interactive games and applications in the programming language Ruby. Best of all, no prior coding experience is needed! Students walk away with 25 hours of computer programming experience and an understanding of whether it is an area they want to continue pursuing.

Please find the specific details of the upcoming workshop below:



Annual Member Meeting & Luncheon



請於20151211日前報名 RSVP :   contact@utahchinesesociety.com,     801-872-3538

時間: 12/19/2015, Saturday 星期六, 11:00am

地點: Rodizio Grill-The Brazilian Steakhouse @ Trolley Square (600S. 700E., Salt Lake City) 

會費Membership :  $25/Family家庭,  $20/Couple夫妻,      $10/Individual個人,  $5/Senior耆老65+,


餐費Luncheon : 加入2016會員者 member -- $ 10,   6-10歲孩童 $ 5.

2015年會員大會暨聯歡通知.pdf 2015年會員大會暨聯歡通知.pdf
Size : 1125.326 Kb
Type : pdf

Jim Brickman Concert 

Ticket: Buy one, get one free. Code: GIFT

TPE at ISU World Cup Speed Skating

Utah Olympic Oval

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Sunday, November 22, 2015



International Peace Gardens Festival 



Commemorating the 70th Anniversary

of the Victory in the Second Sino-Japanese War




2014 Days of '47 Parade Float

"Journey To Our Future"

" 萬馬奔騰,前程似錦"

Featured on Salt Lake Tribune. 


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